Eliminate Student “Absence” From Your Class With Showbie.

Go ahead, call me a Showbie fan-girl.  My last few posts have been focused on using this tool in the classroom.  I continue to find new ways to use Showbie to better my student’s learning abilities in and out of the classroom.  To put it simply, I am obsessed with the tool!

Weeks ago I was out of the classroom due to my daughter’s illness, I was still able to use Showbie to communicate with students and pace out the day.  I hate getting behind in planned curriculum, so being able to go along with my plans for the day even while I was sitting on my living room couch changed what I leave for “sub plans”.

But what about those days when students are absent?  They get sick too.  They have lives too.  What about the kiddo that is missing school because his mama’s car broke down or dad didn’t get him up in time for the bus and then wouldn’t drive him to school? It is not within our kid’s control to get themselves to school, but it is their job to learn.

Our school is piloting a take home model.  Now, with the help of Showbie’s “class discussion” section,  students that are not able to get themselves to school can still be digitally active in school and in charge of their learning for the day.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.20.27 PM.png

In Showbie’s classroom discussion section students have an open platform for communication (this can be paused by the teacher).  Each day, I assign a different student to record everything our class accomplishes within the day on this discussion board.  The recorder includes images of math pages, work samples we create in class,  reading excerpts, and which projects to accomplish within the day.


Students that are absent for whatever reason can access their Showbie account and complete all of the day’s tasks no matter their location.  I can even provide feedback for their work when they complete it and load it to Showbie.  Whatever the reason, wherever they are students STILL have access to learning.

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