Pages: A Powerful Classroom Tool

I’ve encouraged students to use many apps in the past as word processors.  For the first time ever, I now understand how powerful and easy Pages is to use on the iPad.  For years I’ve created things on Pages with my MacBook.  Pages has been a great tool for me, but I was reluctant to allow students to use Pages on the iPad.  It seemed too complex, and if I couldn’t comprehend how to use it by glancing at it, surely my kids could not.

However, after completing my Apple Teacher Certification, I found how easily and powerful Pages can be.  Pages allows one to create an organized writing with captions, graphic features, and a professional look. The Insta Alpha feature intrigued my kids and me.  It is a tool that removes background from an image and allows the image to become more integral to the document (Student example below).


I showed my students a few of these features for their most recent writing on hurricanes and tornadoes.  They were instantly hooked.  They went back into their writings and changed the layout and look of their final copies.

Yearly, my students write a magazine.  Students choose a topic they want to write about.  Using Safari and some guidance on valid sources and citing, they set of to research then write their article.  Immediately after seeing the flexibility of pages, they are MORE excited about writing their next article.  They see the value in this app and how it can enhance their projects.

If you are currently using any app other than pages as a word processor or a way to display and organize information.  I implore you to try out Pages on the iPad.

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