iPads and Special Education: Using Timers and iTunesU

If you have ever had a child with ADD, ADHD, or OCD, it may have been suggested that you use a checklist for students to remember all of the work they have completed or need to complete.  Children that have trouble focusing or are hyper focused on things often need a visual cue to keep them on track.  Daily checklists are a great way to see what a child has accomplished during his or her day.

Digital Checklists


Turn your daily schedule into a digital checklist!

Turn your daily schedule into a digital checklist!

There are two ways my students use digital checklists in my classroom. One way they can do this is by taking a picture of our daily schedule.  They load this image into Showbie.  As things on this list are accomplished, they can cross out the task.  Anything a student did not complete can be circled, and they can finish the work another day or at another time.


iTunesU Checklist

iTunesU Checklist

iTunesU has a BUILT IN checklist.  I organize my classes to so they explain to students the steps that should be taken in the day’s lesson.  Then, I list the actions steps that need to be completed during the day.  Students check off as they have completed each action step.

Alarms on Student iPads

Set an alarm on a student iPad

Set an alarm on a student iPad

Sometimes remembering everything you need to highlight during lessons, on top of individual student’s weaknesses, on top of listening to a thousand unnecessary questions can lead a teacher to feel like she is spinning.  Add remembering all the student times to go to take medicine, go to band, head to Gifted and Talented, and one may lose her mind.  The answer?  set a daily or weekly alarm on iPads of students that need to go do such things.

In the midst of all the cool apps and new fangled additions to iPads it is important to remember what they are capable of.  For schools, iPads are capable of revitalizing the tired old classroom and turning it into a workplace that caters to students.  Some of your students, if not most, will need accommodations.   Help meet these accommodations with technology!

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