Writing Fractured Fairytales & Creating Our Own “Mentor Text”

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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

My students adored our recent Traditional Literature unit.  We read tall tales, fables, Greek myths, and of course we read fairytales.  We spent some time reading Cinderella tales from all over the world, and students organized what made each version special using Popplet Lite.

Cinderella Around the World

Cinderella Around the World

After reading original stories past down through the oral tradition, I thought it was time to expose students to fractured fairytales.  Fractured fairytales are creative twists on all of the good old fashioned stories we had been reading for a month.  After reading only two mentor texts to my students, I sent them off to create their own.  I arranged for us to read our stories to kindergarteners the next week.  Over the course of seven days I gave students ample time to work, edited their grammar, and gave suggestions that they could take or leave.

4th Grade Mentor Writer/Reader

4th Grade Mentor Writer/Reader

By the time we made it down the corridor to the kindergarten wing, many of my students were legitimate authors in my eyes.  One day I will be connecting my classrooms to them via Twitter.  I have no doubt.  See as teachers, it takes years to see what impact we have had on the students that surround us.  We may never see the fruits of our labor, but there are times when we have the opportunity to plant the seed in a student.

After my students had the time to create their own fractured fairytale in Book Creator, and I reviewed their end product I knew I had to plant some seeds.  Some of these kids could become professional writers (see below stories, before they go big!).  They simply need someone to see their value and cultivate it.

Yes, this story was written and illustrated by a NINE year old!

Yes, this story was written and illustrated by a NINE year old!

The Real Story        Rapunzel continued

Implementation of one to one iPad use allows teachers to see student’s “personal best” and see students as individuals.  Creation, ownership, and inspiration should be ever present in our classrooms.  The time is now to look for our students’ talents and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

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