Interactive Science Journals Using Book Creator

“Science does not know its debt to imagination.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, I am talking about using the Book Creator application again.  Maybe because my students use it so easily, maybe because other apps can be loaded into the app, or maybe because this app can be used for any subject and can challenge any level of iPad user to think of how to take their creation to the next level.

After reflecting upon last year’s PASS scores, it was apparent to me that my students needed more experience with the Scientific Method.  In years past, I have hit all of my science standards (weather, electricity, magnetism, animals, astronomy) but a kit never comes for the Scientific Method.  Probably, because a kit for the Scientific Method doesn’t exist.  I am a Social Studies/Literature nerd, and the idea of spending my time creating science plans often makes me cringe, until recently.

I knew something had to change, but where would I fit it in?  My school hired a part time science teacher to come and help our students hit state science targets.  As a team, we decided she should focus on the scientific method and we could keep notes from our student’s experiments in a folder.  My mind started racing… papers to keep up with?!?!?! My students lose papers all of the time even though we have a color coded system!

Ding! Ding! Ding!  A bulb went off in my mind.  My students could create an Ebook and import videos and pictures from their experiments.  Now, every time my students walk through an experiment, they lot it in their digital journal.

I gave my students an opportunity to think up any type of experiment they would like to try at school.  I told them that they could do any experiment they wanted to do as long as the materials were allowed at school and would not make a complete mess.

Groups broke apart with materials and were excited to capture experiments with their iPads.  After they documented their experiment in their journal, they were allowed to use any app to share their group’s experiment. Below are some of the presentations that my students created!


Zoe’s Presentation

Now, not only are my students excited about experiments, but thanks to technology I am too!

3 thoughts on “Interactive Science Journals Using Book Creator

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