Sometimes the best teachers don’t have degrees

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed”

– Ecclesiastes 4:9

I am very excited to say I have officially learned how to create engaging IMovies on my MacBook to introduce new lessons.  One of my colleges has accused me of being, “obsessed” with new challenges that I don’t understand, until I master them.  IMovies were my newest obsession, and I am very close to mastering them (see below).  I am always trying to push the envelope and engage my students in new ways.

I have noticed that my students are naturally curious.  I recently read in a professional development book that students begin losing their curiosity around the 4th or 5th grade, yet I am happy to report that I have not seen this in my classroom.  A substantial reason for the continuation of their curiosity can be attributed to the IPad.  We are currently in our Traditional Literature unit. As you can see from the IMovie above, last week our class focus was fairy tales.  As a class, we read multiple fairy tales and discussed the characteristics of this genre together.

Naturally, once our class reads a specific genre or type or writing, we write our own versions in this genre.  Since we were so close to PASS testing, I knew I had almost over worked my students   with writing, and I wanted them to enjoy creating something in the fairy tale genre.  So, instead of going through the entire writing process, the students created a quick flow chart on IBrainstorm.  Then, the students brought their individual writings to life using Puppet Pals HD.

Narrative can be brought to life with Puppet Pals HD

Narratives can be brought to life with Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD is a creative app that students can use to bring any narrative to life.  The students can move the characters around on the screen, change scenes, and record their voices to tell a story.  Prior to the challenge of bringing their fairy tales to life, my students were given time to explore the app.  I then gave some basic instructions on how to work the app and what I was looking for them to create.

Like me, many of my students will not stop investigating something new until they fully comprehend their newest challenge.  This is good news for me because they in turn become great teachers.  When fellow classmates run into a road block, their classmates are there to help them succeed.  These little moments can easily go unnoticed.  They don’t disrupt the classroom.  These moments aren’t loud, and best of all these little moments rarely interrupt my small group teaching. I was lucky to catch one of these moments below.

Jonathan was not only capable of using the app to complete an assignment, but he was also willing and comfortable enough to help Will get through the problem he encountered.  Moments like these are very easy to overlook, but they happen every day in classrooms that infuse technology into their everyday studies and have a community of respect.  Students need to understand that we are all here to help one another achieve greatness; because in the end two people are better off than one.

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