What do your students really need?

SDC12112What do your students really need?

Have you noticed that the days  you walk out of the classroom with your head held high are the days when you feel like you have accomplished something?  Shouldn’t every day be like that in our field.  Well, in my eyes the easiest way to obtain this feeling is by teaching what students NEED.  This does not always mean you teach what is found in lesson 9 after lesson 8, and the materials you use may have not even been handed to you in a kit with a pretty little bow.  I strongly believe that all teachers should teach according to what the students need, even if that means creating original lesson plans.  That is what I hope to give you with my posts.  Original, worth-while lessons that will touch your students.  Did some of my “original” and “thought provoking” lessons flop?  Sure, but those I won’t post!  I hope to learn strategies and ideas from my followers, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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